Review: the J.Crew Icon Trench

 Ever since I was little, I have admired the look of the trench coat, whether it be on a woman or a man. Nothing really says business(wo)man than a trench and maybe a pant suit, the latter which I think makes me look like a little girl in her mother's clothes. Though I would love to own a Burberry trench coat in the future, I wanted to find an alternative that would be a little more economical for the time being. Enter the J.Crew Icon trench.

Excuse the bag in the background!
And the wrapper on the cuffs
While searching for my my perfect winter coat, I asked my dear J.Crew associate if I could try on one of their trenches. They didn't have it in my size, but she offered to order one for me. Though I am not usually one to order items just to try on, she convinced me to since she honored the marked-down price of the coat, as well as the 30% off outerwear promo and 15% student discount, which brought my total down to around $87 (original price $298 or so). Unfortunately, I found out when I got home that the coat was backordered until January (so a wait of about a month and a half). As the weeks passed, I forgot about the trench until it arrived at my apartment two weeks ago!

Excuse the lighting the pictures, the shadows make it look like there's a lot more bunching/wrinkling than there really is. In the pictures, I am wearing a the blazer underneath, as I was hoping to replicate the bulk of what I would wear normally in trench weather. I am wearing a 0R, which fit pretty well. When I remove the blazer though, the trench looks a bit baggy, but it's not too big of a deal. I ordered the 00 just to be positive that I was making the right choice, and sure enough, I could not really squeeze my arms in the trench once I put a blazer on. The sleeves on the trench are just a tad long on me, but I would much rather it run long than short, so no complaints there. 

They say that this trench is cut from the same Japanese cotton as the Burberry trenches- that I cannot confirm. However, I will agree that the material seems well made, as it's pretty thick. The coat seams to fit pretty decently, and so for $87, I think it's is a keeper! 

Girls (or guys), do you have a favorite trench?

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4 Responses to Review: the J.Crew Icon Trench

  1. Love this! I've always wanted that iconic trench coat. I only have a black trench from Banana Republic.

    1. Thanks Tang! I love it a lot too. Now if only the weather would allow for it...
      Heard the BR trench is nice as well :) Thoughts?

  2. hello, really nice trench! I like it!! almost like burberry one )) Where did you buy it ? And can I have the same discount, if I am also student?)
    IS this 0 or 00 size? Can you write your parameters(BUST, NATURAL WAIST , HIP ) and how tall are? )
    I am going to order this trench via Interenet and if you will answer , you will really help me)
    Thank you!!!

  3. I just received this coat in the mail. Are you happy with the length? I'm 5'5 so a tinsy bit taller than you are and I'm wondering if I should have gotten the Petite sizing which is now available (if I order online and try to be really patient). Other than it being longer than the described (mid-thigh) it fits me fine. So three years later, are you still liking this coat? I hope so. It would prove to be timeless.


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