Classic blue and white

If you follow other East Coast bloggers, you would probably know about the crazy weather we have been having. Cold, warm, rain, snow, just everything! I know, I take all my pictures in my room, but as soon as I get home, I just want to throw everything off and change into my pajamas.

shirt: china, m
sweater: china, freesize
blazer: zara, m
skirt: j.crew wool mini, 00
stockings: hue, s
shoes: shoemint, 5.5
bag: longchamp

Despite acquiring quite a few new items recently (darn you j.crew 50% sale *shakes fist*), I still find myself going back to my tried and true pieces. I think it's because I know they work, but also because I dont want to ruin the novelty of wearing all my new pieces at once. Do any of you ever feel this way?

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