Fedora comes out to play

I bought this fedora at H&M a couple months back but haven't worn it since. I really like the look of it on, though it doesn't fit very well, as the inner rim is just a bit smaller than the circumference of where it should sit on my head. If was just the slightest bit windy, the hat goes bye bye! I need to think of an inventive way to pin the hat down somehow...is there such thing as hair glue?

hat - h&m medium, necklace - f21
sweater - arden b medium, maxi dress - mango xs, tights - target small
purse - rachel zoe, shoes - shoemint 5.5

My favorite thing about this outfit is how it sneakily helps me stay warm. Underneath the maxi dress I wore tights, and the dress acted as a shield from the wind. I was toasty warm!

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