Luncheon wears

Obviously I was having too much fun
blazer - zara m, sweater - zara s
skirt - ann taylor 00p, tights - loft, shoes - shoemint 5.5

(I actually wore my black loft wedges instead of my booties to the luncheon today, but I left them at work. The booties are my commuter shoes)

When I first started to going to work luncheons, I had no idea what to wear. My first time, I wore a black suit just to be safe, which was fine but also quite boring. I hoped to take fashion cues from other women in my industry, but their tastes were a bit mature for me. As I go to more of these functions, I am slowly learning how to style an outfit that is age appropriate, fashionable, but yet professional.

Gross weather has returned to New York and it was dreary all day today, so I resorted to taking pictures in my apartment. Sorry for the shoes and the swiffer, I took the pictures in my roommate's room because he is a minimalistic, neat (can you tell by how he lines up his shoes?) person with lots of open space in his room!

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