Review: J. Crew snowcap puffer, tipped hacking jacket, schoolboy blazer in wool flannel

These past few months, a majority of my credit card charges were due to online purchases from J. Crew. I have been on the quest to find my perfect winter coat (and I'm pretty sure I'll have a winner by Monday when I get a package), which has resulted in a bunch of returns due to sizing issues. In addition, the 30%/40% online and in store sales have proven dangerous for me, as I check the website each morning before work and often just make the impulse buy before sizes are gone. Though these items are on sale now and will be gone soon, I figured a review could be handy as similar styles may appear next year. At the very least it would be good for future reference, right?

Snowcap Quilted Jacket in Dark Olive, xxs, xs

The difference between the xs and xxs. The xs is wider by just a little, probably 1/2 an inch or less total. The sleeves of the xs also seem a tad longer and wider, but by a negligible amount.


Whenever I look into purchasing puffer jackets, I always look for ones that are slimmer fit or not as poofy. As my best friend likes to say, I have a straight up and down body, so I need to try my best to choose clothing that doesn't further accentuate that. A puffer jacket normally would give the opposite effect of slimming, easily turning someone into the Michelin man, but I think this one does a pretty good job of not doing that.

As you can see, there's a little more space in the pits area of the xs.

I think that the xxs fits me pretty nicely, although it may be a little more of a hassle to get into than the small. If I hadn't ordered two sizes, and just ordered either one, I would have been very happy with the fit of both. In the end, I think I am keeping the xs because it will allow for a little more layering underneath (perhaps a blouse and cardigan on windy days to work). The jacket itself has gold zippers, and is down-filled polyester; just wearing it my room made me a little bit too toasty. Another plus for the coat is the stretchy hidden sleeve cuff, which makes for a nice seal around the wrists, so air wont sneak through! I imagine that this will be a great spring coat, and even an appropriate coat for the 40s-50s that we have been in experiencing in NYC as of late. 

0R - sorry, the arms blend into to the body
After I heard about the 40% off all sale items, I rushed there after work as I had a bit of time before dinner with a friend (which I was subsequently late to). There wasn't much left in my size at my store, but I did spot this hanging alone on a rack, for $139, and tried it on, not expecting it to fit well. To my surprise, this jacket was surprisingly flattering, despite being a bit wide on me on both the shoulders and the waist, but my very personal stylist convinced me it would be perfect with a sweater underneath, as this was a thicker type blazer appropriate for the winter. B also liked the fit of the jacket on me via pictures and thought it would be a different, unique, but appropriate addition to my wardrobe. Clothing always gets a plus if the boy approves, right? :)

This blazer is on sale for $199 online with a 30% discount, so I thought that $139 + 40% + 15% student discount = ~$71 was a pretty good deal. After buying this jacket, I got a little blazer crazy and ordered the hacking jacket online in sheer mint 0p, and the schoolboy blazer in wool pink herringbone 0p and wool watercolor blue herringbone 00. 

Schoolboy Blazer in Wool Flannel, Dark Purple, 0
I tried on a dark purple schooboy blazer in wool flannel, 0 in the store. After seeing it on a few petite bloggers, I had really high expectations for this blazer, but was disappointed  The material seemed much less substantial than the hacking jacket above, and was a bit crinkly. It is also a little more apparent in the side view that I needed to size down. I am hoping the material in the two schoolboy blazers I ordered is a little different and that sizing down will eliminate the problems I had with this blazer. Good thing the two jackets are not final sale, phew! The blazer is $99 in store and online before the discount. My store only had the dark drape color left, and mostly in larger sizes. I am tempted to purchase the modern red...

some unsightly crinkles...
odd fit on the sleeve

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2 Responses to Review: J. Crew snowcap puffer, tipped hacking jacket, schoolboy blazer in wool flannel

  1. Hey! LOVE the hacking jacket in navy. Just a clarification, how much did you get the jacket for?? I had my eye on it for a while, but it was on sale for $200 and I didn't want to spend that much $$..........being a college student and all :/

    please let me know! thanks!

    1. Hi Andrea! The jacket came to be about $70, after a 15% student discount, and 40% off sale items. I think the original sale price was $140. I am actually thinking of selling the jacket since I lost a little weight and doesn't fit me quite as well anymore. If you are an 0R, and interested, let me know!


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