30x30 Challenge: Day #4, I look like...a dumpling

You all might be tired of this navy blazer by now, but I just can't help to wear it because it's a bit oversized, so I can fit any sweater inside (not just some dinky thin one), comfortably. Since my office is one of those eco-friendly green buildings, it's always freezing inside! I always have to be wearing a thermal (which I don't count as part of my 30x30 by the way) and even an oversized irish wool grandma cardigan. While this outfit looks ok, what I wore out to brave the storm did not...

blazer: zara (old) - m
skirt: ann taylor midnight tweed pencil skirt - 00p
coat: gap (old) - xs
tights: loft - s
shoes: report - 5.5

I don't even know what to say about how that coat looks on me. I threw it on because it was oversized and easy...now I know better. 

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