30x30 Challenge: Day #1, Superbowl sunday

Today (well I guess by the time I post this, yesterday) I started Kendi's 30x30 remix challenge. I haven't quite figured out which 30 pieces I will be wearing for the month, but since I've worn these, today, I have at least 5 things figured out (Cheating a bit...not counting accessories...). I will post up my selected garments by the end of the week, I promise!

shirt: ann taylor - 00p
sweater: arden b -xs
blazer: zara - m
pants: zara - 4
scarf: pashmina
bag: rebecca minkoff - mini mac
shoes: shoemint, 6

Though I don't follow football at all (and still have trouble understanding it), I am very excited for this year's game since the 49ers are in it! I am a native of the Bay Area, and there's just something about your home team doing well that is so uplifting. A Superbowl win, coupled with this year's World Series win by the Giants, would be just so spectacular for the city. 

Since I don't own anything golden or bronze, I thought I would show spirit by wearing red, white, and blue, since football is one of the great American past times. I also wanted to wear these white pants that I bought last summer, which I subsequently stained after eating a hot bowl of jjajjamyun and jjambbong in K-town. Sigh.

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